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The Ultimate Website Design Guide Using ASP.NET and Adobe Photoshop

Website Design Solutions

Welcome to Website Design Solutions. This site is a resource for designing advanced web sites using ASP.Net with killer graphics of Adobe Photoshop. Using the website design guide you will learn step by step how to build a dynamic data driven website using ASP.NET and SQL Server and then integrate the programming within the graphic design of Adobe Photoshop.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to your web site from search engines via "natural" search results for targeted keywords.

Designing your web site with search engine optimization in mind will have dramatic results on your web site traffic and ultimately your business. Our case study will show you how search engine optimization can dramatically improve your web site traffic.

If you are building niche websites targeting small audiences then creating your site with solid on-page seo will provide you a huge traffic boost.

Website Design FAQ

Dynamic Sitemap Using ASP.NET

Have you ever wondered why some of your site's pages are indexed by search engines while others are not? Using a sitemap you can tell search engines exactly where to find each of your site's pages. A sitemap is a file using XML that lists URLs for a site so that the site can be more accurately crawled by search engines. Using our tutorial you can create a dynamic site map using ASP.NET.

Web Forms and Server Controls

We've created a web form tutorial to show you how to get started using ASP.NET to capture data from your website visitors. Visual Studio and ASP.NET make everything really easy for developers. ASP.NET Web server controls are objects on ASP.NET Web pages that run when the page is requested and that render markup to the browser. Many Web server controls are similar to familiar HTML elements, such as buttons and text boxes. Other controls encompass complex behavior, such as a calendar controls, and controls that you can use to connect to data sources and display data.

ASP.NET Image Control

Check out our ASP.NET Image Control tutorial with SQL Server showing you how to rotate images randomly to give your website pages a fresh look every time people visit. You'll learn how to create table and a Stored procedure in SQL Server and then execute the stored procedure from your ASP.NET page and dynamically update an ASP.NET Image Control.

Adobe Photoshop Templates, Flash Templates

Adobe Photoshop templates, flash templates are ready-made web designs, that can be used as a basis for fast and high-quality website. These website templates, flash templates and other products are completely customizable and ready for immediate download.

ASP.NET User Control

We've created a ASP.NET User Control tutorial.An ASP.NET user control is a group of one or more server controls or static HTML elements. A user control can include code to manipulate its contents like a page can and perform tasks such as data binding. It is highly resulable because you can treat the user control as a unit and reference it on multiple ASP.NET pages.

ASP.NET Mailing List

Maintaining contact with your customers and providing timely information is critical to the success of your website. We've created an asp.net mailing list tutorial to show you how to create and maintain a one-way distribution list for announcements.

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